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Marvel Meets DC
“It's done!” Tony exclaimed. He stood back with Bruce, looking at the giant machine in front of them. They had spent the last few month creating an inter-dimensional portal. They'd be able to travel to parallel dimensions similar to theirs.
They high-fived each other. This was a big step for modern day science. Their victory was short-lived, as the portal started up on it's own.
“Uh, is it supposed to do that?” Bruce asked. Tony ran to the controls frantically. “I hope not.”
The portal glowed, and a group of silhouettes stepped out. Tony and Bruce stood in shock, unable to move.
“Jarvis, there are people in my lab. Why are there people in my lab?”
“I am not sure, sir. But perhaps they come in peace,” Jarvis responded. Bruce slowly stepped forward, holding his hands up in surrender.
“Um, who exactly are you guys, if I may ask?” He questioned. The first one, who they assumed was the leader of this mysterious group, s
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Ellie Amai :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 0 0
Angel Amai
First name: Angel
Last name: Amai
Age: 16
Favorite food/s: Ramen, any kind of sushi, ice cream, cake
Crush: Hikaru Hitachiin
Pet/s: Maria (cat/dead)
Sibling/s/Family: Ellie Amai, David Wells (cousin/ lives in America), Unnamed parents (dead)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite thing to wear: A black and purple jacket, regular jeans, and black shoes
Personality/ies: Very Independent, easily embarrassed, tsundere, acts like she’s a
superhero (America anyone?)
Hobby/ies: Pranking the others (especially Tamaki), climbing trees (especially when sad or angry)
Likes: pranking people, getting revenge, listening to music, hanging Tamaki in a tree when he embarrasses her, pranking her cousin, scary movies, anime, superheroes (especially The Punisher)
Dislikes: being embarrassed by Tamaki, being pranked back, people knowing about her crush on Hikaru
Talents: Drawing, climbing trees, archery
Opinions about:
Tamaki: He is an idiot a lot of times
Haruhi: She is my buddy. She is the
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My life is being destroyed bit by bit,
And it’s all because of fandoms.
The hours I dedicate to reading fanfiction,
Watching anime, and watching videos
Is starting to take a toll on my productivity.
Never before have I ever been so drawn
To something as much as now.
From games like Undertale
To anime like Durarara,
I am becoming more withdrawn from the world,
And It’s all because of fandoms.
I stay up all night watching videos by my favorite youtubers,
So nothing ever gets done. I laugh at all of Markiplier’s jumpscares.
I cry when my favorite characters die,
Or when a very emotional scene appears.
When my favorite characters cry, I cry.
When my favorite characters are happy, I am happy.
Their lives impact my life.
As much as it affects my life,
I don’t think I would want it any other way.
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Rebellion Part 2
Ravyn was always trying to prove his usefulness just because we all joked about it a few times. Honestly, he needs to take things less seriously. I mean he may not be the most useful person in the world, but he didn’t have to go and prove us otherwise. And besides, even if he did prove it, nothing would really change. I don’t think he seems to understand that though.
Soon enough, I make it to Ravyn’s house. I wait as I knock on the door. Ravyn answers it. He has a big smile on his face, and his brown hair is a mess. I walk through the doorway and follow him up to his room. When I walk in, I see loads of books about wilderness survival piled on his bed. I raise my eyebrow and turn to him.
“So, how exactly is this useful?” He smiles as if he was expecting me to ask him that. Not really shocking though, since anyone could guess I would say that. I’m just that predictable I guess.
“What if we get stuck in the woods and need to know how to survive?
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Happy Birthday!!! :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 1 2 MoRe HoMeStUcK oCs :o) :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 1 0 Another Homestuck Oc :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 0 0
Italy x Reader - Slender
Italy x Reader - Slender
The sun was starting to go down. It was almost dark outside, and you were just sitting in your house by yourself. You had the tv on, but you weren’t really paying attention to it. Instead, you had your attention focused on your laptop. You were playing one of your favorite games. Slender. So far you had found 4 notes, and you found yourself walking through that one building in the forest. You know the one. You slowly peeked around the corner, and of course, there was Slender Man, standing there waiting for you. Static started to fill your screen, so you darted back around the corner as fast as you could.
~Timeskip to a few minutes later~
By now you had found 3 more notes. Finding the last one had proven to be quite difficult. You had ended up back at the fence for like the fifth time. You turned around, hoping Slenderman wouldn’t be there when you did. But as l
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Denmark x Reader- My Own Worst Enemy
Denmark x Reader- My own worst enemy
 Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk?
 I didn't mean to call you that. I can't remember was said or what you threw at me.
    ~Your POV~
 Matthias had come home drunk. He did this from time to time. He would leave with Alfred and Gilbert, and come home smelling of beer. Sometimes he was emotional afterwards, and sometimes he would get really cuddly. This was not one of these times.
 "Hey, Matt. You're finally home," you said. He sat down on the couch next to you.
 "Yeah. Hey, do me a favor and get me a beer."
 "You don't need anymore. You've had enough at the bar, don't you think?" He looked at you for a moment, then spoke.
 "I'm the boss around here, and I'll decide that. You listen to me." This angered you. He was usually happy, energetic, and goofy. Now, he was being contr
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Merry Christmas :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 1 6 Crowtalon *Fixed* :iconsonicvocaloidfan:Sonicvocaloidfan 4 0
  Right now, I'm locked up in a dungeon. It's cold and quiet, except for the faint sound of breathing. My friends and I have been arrested for speaking against The Laws. But that's not where my story begins. it started on a day just like any other. I was on my way to school with my best friends, David, Ravyn, and Luke.  David had dark brown hair, and he usually wore blue jeans and whatever shirt he randomly picked. Ravyn's hair was brown, and he usually just wore jeans and a randomly picked shirt. Sometimes he wore the shirt twice in one week.
  Luke on the other hand had blonde hair, and he usually wore black clothes. Except one time when he wore blue because his mother was doing laundry. I usually wear a black shirt, blue jeans, and a blue jacket. My long brown hair was hidden by the hood of my jacket. I looked around, tuning out whatever conversation the others were having.
  "Jordan? Jordan!" I hadn't realized we were already at school. The gray stone build
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:3 hope you all like my art and stories


How Danny Rand (Iron Fist) Wakes Up With You
I wake up before the rest of the group to start my morning meditation.  It's getting harder and harder to do, since (y/n) is only down the hall.  I manage, however, trying to concentrate.  If I was honest with myself, if I knew for sure she felt the same way I do, then nothing would stop me from running right over there.  But, despite my pride in self-awareness, this is something I can't seem to face.  Perhaps I'm afraid of the answer.  Either way, it's not like me to be so indecisive and it's frustrating.  I have added a longer session of meditation in the morning, to help me stay on track and focus.  With this in mind, I go out to the terrace, sitting in a relaxing pose.  I am about twenty minutes through, maybe longer since I lose track when I meditate, when I hear a noise and snap out of it.  I look behind me and my eyes widen.  (y/n) is standing there, looking quite pretty in her matching pjs.  She looks hesitant and apol
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Cold Hands - Peter Parker x Reader
The sun was high in the sky. There was a gentle breeze blowing through the streets of New York City. The smell of burgers and hot dogs filled the air as Peter and I wandered down the street together. We were heading towards our favorite cafe that just so happened to be in the middle of the busiest part of the city. It was where we always spent our days off during summer. Either that or Peter was busy with either OSCORP, being Spider-man or working at the newspaper. I would sometimes sit there alone, watching the world pass by while drinking some coffee or tea and typing away on my laptop.
Peter was in the middle of tinkering with his camera. He was mumbling about how he hated when it broke and how he needed a new one. I was attempting to listen to him, enjoying his little mutterings before I realised something. The lack of warmth in my hands. The lack of warmth that has always been there ever since I was kid. And Peter's bare neck.
I smile to myself before leaning up and placing my han
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Operation Fangirl: (Peter x Reader)
"Hey (f/n)! Just the the person I wanted to see!" He greeted, smiling brightly.
"Hey Peter! How can I help you?", you said, looking up at his sweet face.
He looked down, pushing his glasses up his nose. Gosh, he was cute.
He looked up to meet your gaze, once again. "I need help with Chemistry. Badly. You're always in the lab with Bruce and Tony, and I thought that maybe, if you want, you would help me?" He asked, shuffling his feet. He almost looked shy just speaking to you! Although you looked calm on the outside, you were secretly melting on the inside. You had liked Peter ever since you met him, and now you got to spend time with him!
"I guess I've got a spare twenty minutes, you wanna go in the kitchen?" You asked, trying to stay cool.
He nodded and you lead him to the kitchen. You both sat down and he put his bag on the counter, getting an endless amount of books out. He lay a book down in front of you and you flicked through.
He asked for help on a topic you were pretty co
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Writer's Block (Peter X Reader) (One Shot)
(Name) sat on the couch in her apartment. She let out a sigh of frustration. Nothing was working out the way she liked. She couldn't figure out the next part of the story she was writing for her creative writing class. It was supposed to be a short story about anything. She loved these stories for their freedom, but at the same time they were the reason she hated them. She had no idea what to write about, and it made her want to scream. Just as she was tempted to throw her computer across the room, there was a knock at the door. She let out a sigh, and got up to answer the door.
She opened it to see Peter Parker, her boyfriend.
“Hey Peter! What's up?” she asked as she let him into her apartment.
“Nothing much. Is that what you plan to wear on our date?” he asked noting her sweatpants, over-sized high school sweatshirt, and messy hair that had been thrown into a bun.
“Crap! I forgot. I was busy with school stuff, and – give me ten minutes? Please?
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How you wake up with Barry Allen
You wake up slowly and as your senses come, the first thing you feel are warm arms wrapped around you.  You smile, snuggling deeper into Barry's embrace.  It is the first night you two have spent together, though nothing happened.  You aren't disappointed.  In fact, you thought it was more special this way.  Nightmares had been plaguing you for weeks on end lately, ever since your encounter with a metahuman who tried to kill you.  Perhaps it had been pathetic, but you just couldn't take it anymore and found yourself on Barry's doorstep, seeking his comfort.  He made you a warm cup of hot chocolate and then stayed up late just laughing and talking with you.  By the time you both decided you had to go to bed, you felt much better.  Barry laced his fingers with yours and led you to the bedroom, giving you an extra pair of his t-shirts and sweats to borrow.  You were nervous at first, not sure what to expect.  But after you crawled und
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How You Wake Up With Roy Harper
When you start to come to in the morning, you realize there is a strange weight on your chest.  You start to panic a little, almost thinking you're suffocating or something horrible.  Then you realize it's actually someone laying on top of you.  You open your eyes and look down, seeing Roy's head resting on your chest and his arms wrapped around your waist.  His face is turned away from you.  You smile, reaching up to run your fingers over his hair.  He stirs, lifting his head and blinking.  You grin as he furrows his brow, his handsome eyes squinting at you.
"What time is it?"  he asks sleepily.  
You glance at the clock on the bedside table.  "Almost 7 am,"  you reply.  
"Urmmph,"  Roy grunts, pushing his head into your neck and sighing.  You laugh.  
"Don't we have somewhere to be?"  you ask.  
"Hmmm....."  Roy mumbles into your neck.  "Not anymore."
You shake your head.  "Roy...."
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Robin/Dick GraysonxReader: Missing
Bruce Wayne and his ward, Dick Grayson, were both in the training room sparring. Being the dynamitic duo called for many hours of rigorous training seasons like this. Usually they were joined by Bruce's other ward, (Name), but she was absent from the mansion this morning when Dick had gone to get her.
Bruce took a step back and grabbed the towel that had been placed on the bench earlier. "You did well today Dick."
"Thanks." Dick picked up his water bottle and took a long drink from it. He placed it back down and wiped the extra water off his lips with the back of his hand. "Too bad (Name) couldn't join us today. We could have beaten you together easily."
Bruce chuckled. "At least you can keep dreaming. Why didn't she come today?"
"I couldn't find her this morning. I thought maybe you sent her out to get something."
"I didn't. I haven't see her since last night."
Dick frowned a bit. "I haven't either. We spent time together after dinner, then went to bed. When I went to see her this mor
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Energy Drinks (QuicksilverxReader) One-Shot
“Pietro!” his mother called from upstairs. “(Name) is here!”
Pietro, who had been downstairs in the basement playing his arcade game, glanced up and then within a blink of an eye, he was at the front door of the house.
“Jesus…” his mother muttered, blinking rapidly so that her vision could readjust.
She was sometimes left dazed whenever Pietro zoomed past her at supersonic speed. She left him to open the door, his little sister watching TV and eating a sandwich he had made for her about fifteen seconds ago. He opened the door and there you were standing, casual smile on your lips. He leaned against the door, stopping you from entering, when he saw that you had a black plastic bag in your hands.
“What’s in the bag?” he asked curiously.
“Oh nothing~” you smiled sweetly.
“I don’t think it’s nothing.” He leaned forward to try and peer into the bag but you wouldn’t allow him. “It
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Everyone Has Secrets! Chapter 10 (Robin x Reader)
Chapter 10: All Day Date Part II: Robin
You stood on the ledge of one of the taller buildings in Gotham City as a gust of wind blew your hair back from your face. The view in front of you was breathtaking as you watched the lights of the city dance around the darkness of the night. There was a slight chill in the air, but it felt nice against your warm skin. Memories of today were replaying in your head as you waited for Robin to arrive on the roof you were meeting him on.
You were still unsure of what all your visions meant and hoped Robin could help decipher them. From what you could gather, your body was being use to host a woman’s soul as she regained her powers. If this was true, it made sense to why you started to gain the ability to control the darkness about two years ago. However, you did not start having visions until after meeting the Controller. There was the possibility that he had implanted those visions to confuse you and have the team distracted away from his real
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 54 14
Mature content
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robin x Reader) Chap. 9 :iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 36 22
Everyone Has Secrets! Chap. 8 (Robin x Reader)
Chapter 8: A New Secret Created!
“Or at least that’s what the organization I work for calls me. I hate to admit it, but the name is kind of growing on me the longer I stay on this planet. However, I do prefer it if you called me by my real name, Erebus. And your real name is Nyx and not (First Name) (Last Name) or Midnight or whatever other silly name you like to be called on this planet, my queen,” Erebus said as he reached his hand out and brush his fingertips against your cheek and down to your neck. A shiver ran down your spine as flashes of images appeared in your head.
A memory of being in a fancy bedroom chamber appeared in your head. Gold and jewels seemed to decorate every inch of the room. You had never seen such riches in one place before. As you glanced over at a mirror in the room, you saw your reflection, but at the same time it wasn’t you. You were an adult woman with long (hair color), which was decorated with a beautiful gemmed flower h
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 59 12
Everyone Has Secrets! (RobinxReader) Chap. 7

Chapter 7: The Controller
When you arrived at Mount Justice, you made your way to the living room to see who else was here. Even if there was not a mission for you, you were sure you would be training with Black Canary tonight. Before you entered the living room, you could hear two familiar voices talking to each other. Instead of walking into the room, you remained by the doorway to listen to their conversation.
“Robin, I still think you should just tell her how you feel. You are just digging yourself into a big hole,” Kid Flash said trying to reason with his best friend. “I understand what you are saying, KF. However, this is the only way I can keep her safe as well. Beside I’m not the only one who is not telling their crush their true feelings. If you are too chicken, I can tell Artemis when she arrives,” Robin replied back before a small chuckle let his lips.
Typically, you enjoyed hearing the sound of Robin’s
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Everyone Has Secrets! (Robin x Reader) Chap. 6
Chapter 6: The New Kid
With school about to begin, the three of you headed your classroom. You said ‘good-bye’ to Artemis since she was in a different class than you and Dick. Once in your classroom, you found your seat in front of Dick’s desk. You took out your notebook and text book for your first class. Just as you were about to make some doodles in your notebook to pass the time, you felt Dick tapping your shoulder. You rolled your eyes before turning around with a fake smile on your face to see what he wanted.
“I just wanted to remind you that we will be sitting together for lunch now that we are dating. I don’t mind if your friend, Artemis wants to join as well,” Dick said with a smile on his face. You nodded your head before turning back around to face the front as the teacher, Mrs. Hintz, entered the room. The one thing you did not like about this arrangement was the fact you had to bend around backwards for Dick just so he could keep your se
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 61 16
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robinxreader) Chap. 5
The Feeling of Guilt
I don't own the images used or the characters in the story!
Chapter 5: The Feeling of Guilt
Robin and Kid Flash took the lead as the four of you traveled back to Mount Justice. Artemis rode next to you as you sped down the road with your motorcycles. Artemis could tell by the look on your face that something was wrong. She could always read your facial expressions like an opened book.  Artemis made sure her communicator was only connected to your communicator before speaking.
“What’s wrong Midnight? You know it’s not your fault Poison Ivy and Blue guy got away. We just need to regroup and figure out what the next step in their plan is,” Artemis said doing her best to cheer you up. You let out a sigh and nodded her head to her words.
“I know you are right, Artemis. I just feel a bit guilty that Robin got hurt, because of me,” you responded as turned your
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Everyone Has Secrets! (RobinxReader) Chap. 4
The image above is a picture of the other villain with Poison Ivy. Once again I do not owe this image.
Chapter 4: An Unknown Villain
The man let out an angrily sigh. “It is probably one of those damn lab rats you let out,” the man shouted at Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy didn’t really appreciate this man’s tone towards her. She turned around before walking towards the man again. Your body started to relax as Poison Ivy walked away from where you and Robin where hiding.
“I won’t have release them if someone would have done a better job hacking into the alarm system,” Poison Ivy retorted back. “Relax darling. The files are almost download and we will be gone in no time so don’t get your panties in a bunch,” he said trying to calm Poison Ivy down.
Robin placed his hand on your shoulder to get your attention. You jumped slightly in your spot since you had been so focused on the conversation between Poison Ivy and th
:iconroseangel9413:roseangel9413 126 43
Everyone Has Secrets! (Robin x Reader) Chap. 3
Chapter 3: No Secret Among Friends
“What I’m about to tell you doesn’t leave this locker room. Not even Aqualad, Red Tornado, or Batman can know about this,” you said in a low tone voice as you pulled Artemis closer to you. You quickly started to explain everything to Artemis from the moment Dick discovered your secret to his proposal of you being his girlfriend exchange for keeping your secret.
“Ugh! I never really liked that Dick Grayson kid. I always feel like he was up to no good. Did I ever tell you that on the first day of school; he randomly came up to me and took a picture of us together. I think that kid has issues,” Artemis said as she opened her locker. “Hey if you want, I could go and scary some sense into him,” Artemis offered as she started to put on her costume.
You shake your head ‘no’. You appreciated Artemis’s offer, but this was your problem and you didn’t want to involve anyone else with it. Bes
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So, I've been making quite a bit of fanfiction on Wattpad. Most of it's Young Justice/DC/Marvel related at the moment since that's the kind of phase I'm kinda in right now (And probably will be forever), but if you feel like it, you should check it out.

My account is: AsterousFangirl

Gotta run~
“It's done!” Tony exclaimed. He stood back with Bruce, looking at the giant machine in front of them. They had spent the last few month creating an inter-dimensional portal. They'd be able to travel to parallel dimensions similar to theirs.

They high-fived each other. This was a big step for modern day science. Their victory was short-lived, as the portal started up on it's own.

“Uh, is it supposed to do that?” Bruce asked. Tony ran to the controls frantically. “I hope not.”

The portal glowed, and a group of silhouettes stepped out. Tony and Bruce stood in shock, unable to move.

“Jarvis, there are people in my lab. Why are there people in my lab?”

“I am not sure, sir. But perhaps they come in peace,” Jarvis responded. Bruce slowly stepped forward, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Um, who exactly are you guys, if I may ask?” He questioned. The first one, who they assumed was the leader of this mysterious group, stepped forward. His costume was entirely gray and black, and had a bat symbol on it.

“First things first, where exactly are we?” The man asked. Tony stepped forward.

“This is called Earth. You're not planning on invading us, are you? Because I kinda have a date with my girlfriend tonight.” The man looked back at someone else behind him.

“Earth? How could we not have left Earth yet? We should have landed on Korugar.” He turned away, probably talking to someone on some sort of comms link.

“Batman to Oracle. I need a report on our location.” He went silent listening to whoever was on the other end. Tony and Bruce looked at each other shrugging. They were still very confused.

“Well, it looks like you two weren't lying. We really are on Earth.”

“So, are you guys also from Earth or something?” Another one of the mysterious people spoke up. This guy was wearing a red and yellow costume.

“Yeah, that's what makes this so confusing. We were aiming to transport ourselves to another planet. Guess we feel a bit short, huh?”

“Introductions do seem necessary at this point,” said another person, this time a woman.

“I am Wonder Woman,” she introduced. “That over there,” she pointed at the man in black, “is Batman.” Pointing at the man in red, she said, “this is Flash. That is Green Lantern. And this is Superman.” She continued on, naming everyone. There was Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Cyborg, and Green Arrow.

“Wow, an interesting group you guys have going on here,” Tony said. Batman looked at them. “And what about you guys.

Bruce pointed at Tony. “This is Tony Stark. Don't mind him, he's always this annoying.”


“My name's Bruce Banner.” Batman raised his eyebrows. “Um, but their are more of us around the tower. We could show you guys around, you know, until we can figure out what's going on.” Everyone nodded.

“That would probably be a good idea.” Bruce lead them out of the lab towards another room.

“This is the training room. That over there is Natasha. She spends the most time in here of anyone.” Natasha looked over as he says her name, judging the visitors in the room. Wonder Woman was the first to walk over to her, holding out her hand.

“Another female warrior, I see. I am Wonder Woman.” Natasha looked down at her hand and slowly shook it. “Would you mind if I joined you?” Wonder Woman asked. Natasha shrugged.

“Go ahead.” Bruce lead the others away, thinking it best to leave the two women alone. Natasha alone scared him sometimes, now there was another scary-looking woman in the tower.

~ Time skip~

Bruce had finally made his easy around the whole tower, and the only one left was Cyborg. Flash had stayed behind with Quicksilver, Shazam with Thor, Martian Manhunter with Vision, Green Arrow with Hawkeye, Green Lantern with Scarlet Witch, Superman with Captain America, and Batman with Tony.

“Well, guess it's just us, huh?” Cyborg pointed out.

“Yeah,” Bruce said. “Well, if you want, I could show you around the lab. I have some inventions I'm still working on.” Cyborg’s eyes lit up.

“You don't have to ask me twice.”

Over in the track field, Flash and Quicksilver were reaching each other. They had Scarlet Witch and Green Lantern be the judges.

“Alright, ready? Set. Go!” Green Lantern shouted. The two took of in a blur of blue and red. They were back at the starting line in the blink of an eye. They looked at the other two hopefully.

“So?” They both asked impatiently. Wanda and Hal looked at each other, not really sure who had won. “A tie perhaps,” Wanda said. Hal nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, it's kinda hard to tell. We can't even see you guys moving.” The two speedsters groaned.

“Again,” they both said taking off at lightning-quick speed.

In the kitchen, Thor and Shazam were sharing pop tarts. They were having a heated arm wrestling competition. So far the scores were tied. At least these two were getting along just fine.

Green Arrow was climbing around in the ventilation system with Hawkeye.

“So wait, your name is Oliver?” Hawkeye asked.

“And yours is Clint?”

“Touche.” Clint stopped over of the vents overlooking the living room. Vision and Martian Manhunter were sitting there together. Clint and Oliver could hear them talking. Seems like they were trying to help each other figure out strange Earth customs, which seemed to elude them both.

Clint took out an arrow from his quiver, aiming at the two below. “Watch this.” He pulled the arrow back and shot at Vision. A rope attached to the arrow coiled around his unsuspecting victim, stringing him up to the ceiling. Oliver did the same with Martian Manhunter. The two archers crawled off laughing, hoping to get a head start before the two phased through the ropes.

“I like you,” Oliver said.

Cap and Superman were exchanging stories. Steve's about the war, and Clark about saving Metropolis. Cap also let Clark try out his shield, which pretty much ended with way too many broken windows.

Meanwhile, Tony and Batman were working on rewiring the portal, trying to set it back to the Watchtower. Multiple times they thought that had gotten the dang thing to work, only for it to spark and close up. After about the hundredth test, they managed to get the thing working.

“The beauties of science!” Tony shouted. “Jarvis, get everyone back in here.”

~ Time skip~

Everyone stood in the main lab, seeing the Justice League off. There were many hugs and tears, as the heroes had grown to like each other in the few hours they'd known one another.

They stepped closer to the portal, reluctantly leaving. Batman looked back, actually smiling.

“It fun meeting you...Avengers.” Then he disappeared through the portal.

“Wait, how did he-?” Clint started.

“Because he's Batman.” Everyone said.


Bucky and Red Hood were in the kitchen talking.

“You know, I died once,” Red Hood said.

“So have I,” said Bucky. The two looked at each other smiling.


This was the start to a beautiful new friendship.
Marvel Meets DC
When Tony and Bruce create a portal, a mysterious group of people step through, not knowing how they got there. They spend a few short hours together. Will they get back?

Also posted on my wattpad account: AsterousFangirl
So, I've been making quite a bit of fanfiction on Wattpad. Most of it's Young Justice/DC/Marvel related at the moment since that's the kind of phase I'm kinda in right now (And probably will be forever), but if you feel like it, you should check it out.

My account is: AsterousFangirl

Gotta run~


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Thanks for the fave. :) (Smile) Can you tell me why you liked it?
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I really liked a lot about it. Especially that Norway finlly ended up liking the show. It was a really good story. :)
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Of course you are. You're in love with Nico and I'm in love with Leo. Yay!!! (Spoiler: He likes Percy. As in like likes him)
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I know, he admits it in the house of hades I think
But he is just. Leo sounds awesome too
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