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:3 hope you all like my art and stories



So, I've been making quite a bit of fanfiction on Wattpad. Most of it's Young Justice/DC/Marvel related at the moment since that's the kind of phase I'm kinda in right now (And probably will be forever), but if you feel like it, you should check it out.

My account is: AsterousFangirl

Gotta run~
“It's done!” Tony exclaimed. He stood back with Bruce, looking at the giant machine in front of them. They had spent the last few month creating an inter-dimensional portal. They'd be able to travel to parallel dimensions similar to theirs.

They high-fived each other. This was a big step for modern day science. Their victory was short-lived, as the portal started up on it's own.

“Uh, is it supposed to do that?” Bruce asked. Tony ran to the controls frantically. “I hope not.”

The portal glowed, and a group of silhouettes stepped out. Tony and Bruce stood in shock, unable to move.

“Jarvis, there are people in my lab. Why are there people in my lab?”

“I am not sure, sir. But perhaps they come in peace,” Jarvis responded. Bruce slowly stepped forward, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Um, who exactly are you guys, if I may ask?” He questioned. The first one, who they assumed was the leader of this mysterious group, stepped forward. His costume was entirely gray and black, and had a bat symbol on it.

“First things first, where exactly are we?” The man asked. Tony stepped forward.

“This is called Earth. You're not planning on invading us, are you? Because I kinda have a date with my girlfriend tonight.” The man looked back at someone else behind him.

“Earth? How could we not have left Earth yet? We should have landed on Korugar.” He turned away, probably talking to someone on some sort of comms link.

“Batman to Oracle. I need a report on our location.” He went silent listening to whoever was on the other end. Tony and Bruce looked at each other shrugging. They were still very confused.

“Well, it looks like you two weren't lying. We really are on Earth.”

“So, are you guys also from Earth or something?” Another one of the mysterious people spoke up. This guy was wearing a red and yellow costume.

“Yeah, that's what makes this so confusing. We were aiming to transport ourselves to another planet. Guess we feel a bit short, huh?”

“Introductions do seem necessary at this point,” said another person, this time a woman.

“I am Wonder Woman,” she introduced. “That over there,” she pointed at the man in black, “is Batman.” Pointing at the man in red, she said, “this is Flash. That is Green Lantern. And this is Superman.” She continued on, naming everyone. There was Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Cyborg, and Green Arrow.

“Wow, an interesting group you guys have going on here,” Tony said. Batman looked at them. “And what about you guys.

Bruce pointed at Tony. “This is Tony Stark. Don't mind him, he's always this annoying.”


“My name's Bruce Banner.” Batman raised his eyebrows. “Um, but their are more of us around the tower. We could show you guys around, you know, until we can figure out what's going on.” Everyone nodded.

“That would probably be a good idea.” Bruce lead them out of the lab towards another room.

“This is the training room. That over there is Natasha. She spends the most time in here of anyone.” Natasha looked over as he says her name, judging the visitors in the room. Wonder Woman was the first to walk over to her, holding out her hand.

“Another female warrior, I see. I am Wonder Woman.” Natasha looked down at her hand and slowly shook it. “Would you mind if I joined you?” Wonder Woman asked. Natasha shrugged.

“Go ahead.” Bruce lead the others away, thinking it best to leave the two women alone. Natasha alone scared him sometimes, now there was another scary-looking woman in the tower.

~ Time skip~

Bruce had finally made his easy around the whole tower, and the only one left was Cyborg. Flash had stayed behind with Quicksilver, Shazam with Thor, Martian Manhunter with Vision, Green Arrow with Hawkeye, Green Lantern with Scarlet Witch, Superman with Captain America, and Batman with Tony.

“Well, guess it's just us, huh?” Cyborg pointed out.

“Yeah,” Bruce said. “Well, if you want, I could show you around the lab. I have some inventions I'm still working on.” Cyborg’s eyes lit up.

“You don't have to ask me twice.”

Over in the track field, Flash and Quicksilver were reaching each other. They had Scarlet Witch and Green Lantern be the judges.

“Alright, ready? Set. Go!” Green Lantern shouted. The two took of in a blur of blue and red. They were back at the starting line in the blink of an eye. They looked at the other two hopefully.

“So?” They both asked impatiently. Wanda and Hal looked at each other, not really sure who had won. “A tie perhaps,” Wanda said. Hal nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, it's kinda hard to tell. We can't even see you guys moving.” The two speedsters groaned.

“Again,” they both said taking off at lightning-quick speed.

In the kitchen, Thor and Shazam were sharing pop tarts. They were having a heated arm wrestling competition. So far the scores were tied. At least these two were getting along just fine.

Green Arrow was climbing around in the ventilation system with Hawkeye.

“So wait, your name is Oliver?” Hawkeye asked.

“And yours is Clint?”

“Touche.” Clint stopped over of the vents overlooking the living room. Vision and Martian Manhunter were sitting there together. Clint and Oliver could hear them talking. Seems like they were trying to help each other figure out strange Earth customs, which seemed to elude them both.

Clint took out an arrow from his quiver, aiming at the two below. “Watch this.” He pulled the arrow back and shot at Vision. A rope attached to the arrow coiled around his unsuspecting victim, stringing him up to the ceiling. Oliver did the same with Martian Manhunter. The two archers crawled off laughing, hoping to get a head start before the two phased through the ropes.

“I like you,” Oliver said.

Cap and Superman were exchanging stories. Steve's about the war, and Clark about saving Metropolis. Cap also let Clark try out his shield, which pretty much ended with way too many broken windows.

Meanwhile, Tony and Batman were working on rewiring the portal, trying to set it back to the Watchtower. Multiple times they thought that had gotten the dang thing to work, only for it to spark and close up. After about the hundredth test, they managed to get the thing working.

“The beauties of science!” Tony shouted. “Jarvis, get everyone back in here.”

~ Time skip~

Everyone stood in the main lab, seeing the Justice League off. There were many hugs and tears, as the heroes had grown to like each other in the few hours they'd known one another.

They stepped closer to the portal, reluctantly leaving. Batman looked back, actually smiling.

“It fun meeting you...Avengers.” Then he disappeared through the portal.

“Wait, how did he-?” Clint started.

“Because he's Batman.” Everyone said.


Bucky and Red Hood were in the kitchen talking.

“You know, I died once,” Red Hood said.

“So have I,” said Bucky. The two looked at each other smiling.


This was the start to a beautiful new friendship.
Marvel Meets DC
When Tony and Bruce create a portal, a mysterious group of people step through, not knowing how they got there. They spend a few short hours together. Will they get back?

Also posted on my wattpad account: AsterousFangirl
My mom just had a baby today. I didn't get to see it yet because I'm home sick right now. They named him Jesus xD (pronounced like hay-soos) Kinda excited.
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Ellie Amai
Like Angel, I remade Ellie. I didn't change her profile just cuz I think it's fine the way it is.

Made on:…
First name: Angel

Last name: Amai
Age: 16

Favorite food/s: Ramen, any kind of sushi, ice cream, cake

Crush: Hikaru Hitachiin

Pet/s: Maria (cat/dead)

Sibling/s/Family: Ellie Amai, David Wells (cousin/ lives in America), Unnamed parents (dead)

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite thing to wear: A black and purple jacket, regular jeans, and black shoes

Personality/ies: Very Independent, easily embarrassed, tsundere, acts like she’s a
superhero (America anyone?)

Hobby/ies: Pranking the others (especially Tamaki), climbing trees (especially when sad or angry)

Likes: pranking people, getting revenge, listening to music, hanging Tamaki in a tree when he embarrasses her, pranking her cousin, scary movies, anime, superheroes (especially The Punisher)

Dislikes: being embarrassed by Tamaki, being pranked back, people knowing about her crush on Hikaru

Talents: Drawing, climbing trees, archery

Opinions about:
Tamaki: He is an idiot a lot of times

Haruhi: She is my buddy. She is the one of the only people who understand me. Plus, she’s not as crazy as everyone else in the Host Club.

Hikaru: *squeal* He is sooo cute. And he is my pranking partner. Him and Kaoru are the only other people who understands me. Also, he can be really nice when he tries. But don’t tell him I said that -_-

Kaoru: My other pranking buddy. He is pretty cool if you get to know him.

Takashi "Mori": He rarely talks, so I don't know much about him.

Mitsukuni "Honey": He is so cute. He always carries Usa-Chan, which is so adorable.

Kyoya: I don't really talk to him much, so I don't know much about him.

Ellie: She is the best sister anyone could ever have.

Renge: She is really obsessive and weird.

Favorite song: Partners in crime - Set it off

Other: Angel is a great cook, which the others didn't know. When sad or angry, she climbs and hides in trees. Mostly in the most difficult places to reach. She only trusts Ellie with her secrets. She likes to play video games with David when she visits him. Her parents were murdered when she was 13.
Angel Amai
After a long time, I have recreated my old OHSHC oc. I haven't changed her too much, but I did add some things. It's been so long since I made her, and I almost completely forgot about her.  Yeah, so I changed her last name and some other minor stuff, but oh well. I think this is more what I was going for when I made her the first time. 

I made the picture on:…
So, I've been making quite a bit of fanfiction on Wattpad. Most of it's Young Justice/DC/Marvel related at the moment since that's the kind of phase I'm kinda in right now (And probably will be forever), but if you feel like it, you should check it out.

My account is: AsterousFangirl

Gotta run~


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