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:3 hope you all like my art and stories



My mom just had a baby today. I didn't get to see it yet because I'm home sick right now. They named him Jesus xD (pronounced like hay-soos) Kinda excited.
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Ellie Amai by Sonicvocaloidfan
Ellie Amai
Like Angel, I remade Ellie. I didn't change her profile just cuz I think it's fine the way it is.

Made on:…
First name: Angel

Last name: Amai
Age: 16

Favorite food/s: Ramen, any kind of sushi, ice cream, cake

Crush: Hikaru Hitachiin

Pet/s: Maria (cat/dead)

Sibling/s/Family: Ellie Amai, David Wells (cousin/ lives in America), Unnamed parents (dead)

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite thing to wear: A black and purple jacket, regular jeans, and black shoes

Personality/ies: Very Independent, easily embarrassed, tsundere, acts like she’s a
superhero (America anyone?)

Hobby/ies: Pranking the others (especially Tamaki), climbing trees (especially when sad or angry)

Likes: pranking people, getting revenge, listening to music, hanging Tamaki in a tree when he embarrasses her, pranking her cousin, scary movies, anime, superheroes (especially The Punisher)

Dislikes: being embarrassed by Tamaki, being pranked back, people knowing about her crush on Hikaru

Talents: Drawing, climbing trees, archery

Opinions about:
Tamaki: He is an idiot a lot of times

Haruhi: She is my buddy. She is the one of the only people who understand me. Plus, she’s not as crazy as everyone else in the Host Club.

Hikaru: *squeal* He is sooo cute. And he is my pranking partner. Him and Kaoru are the only other people who understands me. Also, he can be really nice when he tries. But don’t tell him I said that -_-

Kaoru: My other pranking buddy. He is pretty cool if you get to know him.

Takashi "Mori": He rarely talks, so I don't know much about him.

Mitsukuni "Honey": He is so cute. He always carries Usa-Chan, which is so adorable.

Kyoya: I don't really talk to him much, so I don't know much about him.

Ellie: She is the best sister anyone could ever have.

Renge: She is really obsessive and weird.

Favorite song: Partners in crime - Set it off

Other: Angel is a great cook, which the others didn't know. When sad or angry, she climbs and hides in trees. Mostly in the most difficult places to reach. She only trusts Ellie with her secrets. She likes to play video games with David when she visits him. Her parents were murdered when she was 13.
Angel Amai
After a long time, I have recreated my old OHSHC oc. I haven't changed her too much, but I did add some things. It's been so long since I made her, and I almost completely forgot about her.  Yeah, so I changed her last name and some other minor stuff, but oh well. I think this is more what I was going for when I made her the first time. 

I made the picture on:…
My life is being destroyed bit by bit,
And it’s all because of fandoms.
The hours I dedicate to reading fanfiction,
Watching anime, and watching videos
Is starting to take a toll on my productivity.
Never before have I ever been so drawn
To something as much as now.
From games like Undertale
To anime like Durarara,
I am becoming more withdrawn from the world,
And It’s all because of fandoms.
I stay up all night watching videos by my favorite youtubers,
So nothing ever gets done. I laugh at all of Markiplier’s jumpscares.
I cry when my favorite characters die,
Or when a very emotional scene appears.
When my favorite characters cry, I cry.
When my favorite characters are happy, I am happy.
Their lives impact my life.
As much as it affects my life,
I don’t think I would want it any other way.
Just a little poem I wrote for English. It's due tomorrow, so I can't wait to see how well I did. This is really the best free verse poem I could do. Let me know what you think about it. I hope it's actually as good as I think it is. I think this is the best poem I've done in my life (Which isn't saying much really). 
Ravyn was always trying to prove his usefulness just because we all joked about it a few times. Honestly, he needs to take things less seriously. I mean he may not be the most useful person in the world, but he didn’t have to go and prove us otherwise. And besides, even if he did prove it, nothing would really change. I don’t think he seems to understand that though.
Soon enough, I make it to Ravyn’s house. I wait as I knock on the door. Ravyn answers it. He has a big smile on his face, and his brown hair is a mess. I walk through the doorway and follow him up to his room. When I walk in, I see loads of books about wilderness survival piled on his bed. I raise my eyebrow and turn to him.
“So, how exactly is this useful?” He smiles as if he was expecting me to ask him that. Not really shocking though, since anyone could guess I would say that. I’m just that predictable I guess.
“What if we get stuck in the woods and need to know how to survive? I’ll be the one to save the day because I’ll know what to do.” He puts his hands on his hips triumphantly like a superhero or something. I can already imagine the cape. But I doubt that will ever happen. The chances of that happening is like 1 in 8, I think. I don’t know. I’m not very good at math or probability.
“Yes, Ravyn. Because that happens all the time. We are totally gonna get stuck in the forest. I’m so scared,” I say sarcastically. He rolls his eyes at me.
“Just you wait. It’s going to happen. I can feel it.” I sigh and walk towards the door.
“Well this has been a very interesting, although useless, conversation. But I really need to get home before my mom gets all worried and stuff. You know how she is.” I close the door behind me and show myself out, while also waving at Ravyn’s mom on the way out.

Of course. As soon as I get home and into my room, my computer goes off. It’s Luke messaging me. He’s always checking up on me. Which I especially don’t get because he just saw me earlier today. I look through his message to see what the holy heck he wants.
Apparently he wants me to go to the movies with him tomorrow since tomorrow is Saturday. It’ll only be us two again. We always go together since we’re best friends, and I guess that’s what best friends do. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love my other friends. But I’ve know Luke about my whole life. You know, since we both have parents that have big government jobs and whatnot. Really, all of my friends parents have the same job. That’s how we all met. Our parents know each other pretty well, so we always played together when we were little.
Anyways, I guess it’s like some horror movie or something. I like horror movies, but they still scare me. Luke knows I’ll be jumping and getting scared a lot despite my love for horror movies. I have a feeling he did this on purpose. I just don’t know why. Guess he’s just being a jerk so he can laugh at me. I guess this will be pretty interesting.
I shut my laptop and dive onto my bed, feeling tired from school. School is horrible. Why do they make us go so early when we obviously won’t be awake yet. I mean, most kids just fall asleep in first period, and probably even second period. I know I do. My eyes begin to shut as these thoughts race through my head. Guess that’s it for the night. I can’t stay awake any longer.

So i went with Luke to the movies. Like I predicted, I was totally jumping and holding on to Luke the whole time. How embarrassing. While we were walking back to my house, I keep my arms crossed. I don’t think Luke is taking me seriously though. He’s just smiling and trying not to laugh at me. How dare he? I am so mad at him! Am I really that horrible at being angry? Eventually he couldn’t take it and just burst out laughing. I punched his arm. He just keeps laughing and holds his hands out to block my hits.
“I’m sorry. I just-oh my god-you’re trying so hard to be mad aren’t you? Aw, come on. You know you’re not mad at me.” And he’s right. I’m really not. Maybe a little embarrassed, but not really mad exactly. When I roll my eyes, he laughs a little and turns to look ahead of us again. We still have a bit of a walk to get back home, but it’s nice to just walk and talk for a while.

When we get back, we both go to my house like usual. We rarely hang out at Luke’s house. Not really sure why though. Luke says my house is better, but I beg to differ. I see Ravyn, David, and my siblings sitting in the living room as I walk in. Why my friends are here, I haven't even the slightest idea.
“Uh, what’s all this about?” Janessa turns towards me, puts her finger to her mouth, and points at the TV. All of our parents are on the screen. I was confused. What was going on?
Rebellion Part 2
Part 2 is finally here! I meant to submit it a while back, but I never got around to doing it ^^' Well here it is now! :D
My mom just had a baby today. I didn't get to see it yet because I'm home sick right now. They named him Jesus xD (pronounced like hay-soos) Kinda excited.
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